Random Monday: The Last of 2009

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And so, after a period of hiatus I have returned.

Over the past few weeks, I have been making major adjustments to my life and career, and so blogging has taken a back seat. In short, I have accepted a position as a web developer at a local college.

While I still maintain music positions at the Arizona Opera, the West Valley Symphony and at Glendale Community College, I have taken advantage of this new position to finally let go of the miscellaneous gigs that had lost their luster – gigs with little or no spiritual or financial rewards.

It has been a great relief to do this.

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The new web development position is creatively very interesting – very much on par with the same creative juices required to think about music. Every day I am presented with new challenges and problems to solve.

To our regular readers, I would like to give you all a huge thanks for your support and to wish you all a pleasant and happy New Year.

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