Consider Studying Music Education or Music Therapy


Looking for a music degree with near 100% job placement? For those out there that are considering schools or advising students, music education and music therapy are great options.

For instrumental music education I feel that horn players have a great advantage in particular, as the simple fact is you actually understand the horn, an instrument that is a huge mystery to way too many music educators out there.

ASU-Mus-Ed-SnipWhen I advise current and prospective students on this topic I always add however there is one central reason to be a music education or music therapy major–because you are interested in becoming a music educator or music therapist. Don’t have either program in mind for a “fall back” career if it is not something you have an interest in actually doing. But if it is an interest, do consider these fields, remembering that there is nothing to stop you from practicing hard and being just as good a player as the best performance students out there.

I enjoy working with music therapy and music education majors in the horn studio. Arizona State has great programs for both of these degree options, and there are many other programs out there for study in these fields.

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