The World’s Toughest Woodwind Quintet

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Years ago I first saw this record cover at the apartment of a friend, and finally I now own a copy that is proudly framed in my office. It is of a record by the group Kansas titled Drastic Measures, and this image is linked from the Wikipedia article on this album, released in 1983.

This image is a small version, but this link will take you to a larger one, again from the Wikipedia. If you are a typical horn player you might first look to see what kind of horn the hornist has over on the right. It looks to be a Conn 6D. Hmmm, wire music stands, not too classy. Wonder what music it is on the stand? Looks like etudes.  Then scan your way across the group to the other instruments–bassoon, rocket launcher, clarinet, … rocket launcher! Wait! With ammo on the floor! That is one woodwind quintet I would not mess with.

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