Random Monday: The Met Brass and Thinking Outside the Box

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  • MET Brass recording

    From a Facebook friend, I have learned that a recording featuring the Metropolitan Opera brass section is in the final stages of production. The project is in the CD mastering phase and will showcase a large brass ensemble with a variety of instrumentation.

    It has been reported that it will even include include some Wagner tuben, bass trumpets, and percussion. Almost everyone from the brass section will appear on the album.

    This is something to really look forward to and to keep your eyes open for!

  • Think like a designer

    Along these lines, an article intended for professional presenters offers some sage advice that easily translates to music performers, including: be a master storyteller, adopt the beginner’s mind and embrace constraints.

  • Death March

    John C. Dvorak writes about the failing newspaper industry.

    Again, if you substitute the word newspaper with symphony orchestra a few interesting parallels can be made in the translation.

  • Psst…

    Kerry Turner wants a job.

  • This week @ Horndog Blog:

    Commentary on a “dreamy” excerpt, the ultimate fantasy horn, little people and big horns, and some navel-gazing on the term “amateur.”

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