French Horn Rebellion

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Summer is a pretty down time in Arizona for concerts. I was recently looking and a concert this week by a group called French Horn Rebellion caught my attention. They are performing in Phoenix on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at the The Rhythm Room.

With the name French Horn Rebellion I had to try to figure out something about this group. I believe I had heard of them before. One short listing I found on the group describes them as “an electro/dance-party-rock brother duo out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” There is more at Myspace, but the video there (“Up All Night” seems to be their big tune) does not feature any horn playing.

On YouTube I hit pay dirt: check out the below, which is from a live concert.

The horn playing is not bad! Also the horn itself looks like a pretty nice custom Geyer style horn. I don’t know the story on the players but according to their website the hornist is Robert Perlick Molinari. I will be missing the event in Phoenix but do wish them well! Anything to make the horn just a bit cooler is a good thing. They are on tour around the country, if you are into electro/dance-party-rock be sure to check them out.

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