Articles for the Savvy Hornist


Over the weekend I saw a link to a review of a new book, The Savvy Musician, and also yesterday saw that Bruce Hembd had linked to an article in the site for the book. The site actually has a whole section of free articles relating to working in the arts.

I have ordered a copy of the book and expect to have more to say about it soon, but in the meantime do check out the articles by David Cutler, they are all worth reading. One of the more randomly interesting ones for me is this one, on “When to Take a Gig.” The article begins,

All musicians, and especially entrepreneurial ones, are presented with many opportunities throughout the course of their artistic life. When a gig or other opportunity comes your way, you will be confronted with whether or not to take it. Some offers are clearly too good to pass up, while others are riddled with problems and not worth your while. But sometimes the choice is not so clear.

Especially as you advance as a player you will realize there are gigs that just are not worth taking, the positives are not worth it in relation to the negatives. An article worth checking out, and I will be back with more on the book in a few weeks.

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