Update: Copy, Paste and Steal

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Stealing is not owning. (from the old Horndog Blog)

Last May I posted a two-part series on a phenomena that I dubbed “copy and paste culture.” It was an essay on how students are using the Internet to copy text and paste it into assignments.

It concluded with some statistics on the amount of material being copied from the old Horndog blog. The conclusion I reached was that some protective measures needed to be taken.

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While the whole point of the Horndog blog (and this current site) is to freely share experiences and information to benefit others, this was not meant as tacit approval for student plagiarism.

In addition to other measures, I installed a third-party service called Tracer, which tracks text highlighting and copying.

The numbers — from April 15, 2009 until now — are:

  • Words copied =16,538
  • Images copied = 31

A transposition chart image has been getting copied so often that I have updated it, out of necessity, with a large and rather imposing credit. I welcome people to download this chart as a reference, but there is a concern that it might end up somewhere uncredited.

I have been also adding small credits to certain images. A few of them are appearing uncredited in other sites.

This is, tactfully put, irksome.

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