How to Become a Horn Expert III

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3. Read a lot.

Reading is an effective way to deepen knowledge. Read books on horn playing and also on other brass instruments. Make notes!

That you are reading this blog is good but to read actual books would be better. There is a lot of information out there that will never get on the Internet; for sure there are things I will never put online relating to my horn playing that I have and will put into print publications.

bb040As to what books to read, as noted recently I updated my online list of horn books and actually closely read almost all of these books again this summer, and read a number of other things horn and not horn related. Reading all this triggers connections between ideas, all the reading has been great! Make time for reading, or plan it in when you have some open time such as I did this summer.

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Extending one step further, there is much to be said for a deeper study of the music we are learning that might include score study, performance on original instruments, etc. Always aim to take what you can know about a piece to the limit; this will give you the edge.

And read books! Another horn teacher recently commented to me that students just don’t have much interest in reading books. I tend to believe it.

I started reading a lot of horn related publications in high school and started subscribing to The Horn Call in late high school as well. That early reading especially built up for me a framework for understanding horn on many levels. Reading books builds mental connections that you need to have going to build up a level of expertise.

So to become a horn expert be curious, listen to a lot of music, and read books. Part 4 tomorrow.

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