A New Major Horn Quartet

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The number of truly great horn quartet pieces can pretty much be counted on one hand … okay, maybe two hands. Thomas Bacon wants to add one more major staple to the quartet repertoire with a special commission project.

The piece will be a serious work for 4 horns to be composed by Anthony Plog. Well-known to the brass universe as an accomplished trumpet player and composer, Mr. Plog has penned several horn compositions, including Postcards for Solo Horn (a personal favorite), Aesops Fables for Horn, Narrator, and Piano and Animal Ditties 3.

Mr. Bacon is aiming to complete the commission with a consortium of contributors. By giving $200, individual Consortium Members will contribute towards the total commission amount and in return, will be listed in the printed music. The manuscript is to be completed by next January and Jomar Press has agreed to publish the piece.

Please join in this worthwhile project and help Mr. Bacon coordinate the creation of what promises to become a great new horn quartet. For more information, contact Thomas Bacon via his Facebook page or his online contact page:

» Contact Thomas Bacon

And speaking of horn quartets…

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