Review: U of I Horn Studio Web Site


A Golden Clam for Associate Professor Jeffrey Agrell.

Anyone who has looked at the official publication of the International Horn SocietyThe Horn Call — will know the name of Jeffrey Agrell. He has been a regular contributor for many years. What may not be so well known is that he maintains a comprehensive web site at his home base, the University of Iowa.

His website is rich and deep with resources and content, and it is worth a visit.

Resource links

First, when it comes to keeping current links and a blogroll, I admit that I am a bit lazy. Web sites can come and go, so I can appreciate the diligence it takes to maintain a page of current links is current. Prof. Agrell stays on top of things and the UI Horn Studio site is an excellent reference point for finding just about anything horn-related on the web.

I recently spent a fun and entertaining afternoon browsing through the UI site and barely scratched the surface of what is all there.

Original content

Second, Prof. Agrell has posted a handful of original content that is worth a read. I particularly enjoyed his article on the value of mistakes. It reminds me of that old saying about how it is not how many times you fall down, but rather how you get up from falling down.

Additional resources

And finally, the site is a nice resource for finding more information on horn-related periodicals, books, humor and more — the list of resources is too exhaustive to list completely here. Just go there and check it out yourself.

And so, in recognition of this achievement, the Academy awards the UI Horn Studio web site an “Angel” Golden Clam Award.

[Cheers and applause.]

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