Nightmare Headline For Horn Players


Horn players and critics.

In awarding a Jaded Clam award to New York Times critic Allan Kozzin, I had in the back on my head an old review remembered from childhood. I recently found it in a crate of old memorabilia.

The reviewer manages to skewer both the principal horn and Bruckner in one title. This from the Indianapolis Star ca. 1980.

Ouch — but at least he did not mention any names.

While the criticism has nowhere near the venom of Mr. Kozzin’s attack on New York Philharmonic principal horn Phil Meyers, it still is one for the record.

As an aside, I might actually agree with the “enigma” part of this title. Sometimes I just don’t get Bruckner.

It’s a joy to play, but honestly I can’t listen to more than 10 minutes of any of his symphonic works without getting a bit snoozy.

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