Review: Using Tooble to Download YouTube Videos

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An excellent tool to make YouTube videos portable.

More and more I like to use brief videos in music lessons to illustrate various things that my students are working on. YouTube is a gold mine of horn-related videos that otherwise my students would most likely not take the initiative to view on their own.

A very handy tool is a free product called Tooble. It makes it possible to download any YouTube video and import it into Apple’s iTunes. Enter your YouTube login and password into Tooble and it will find all your bookmarked favorites.

A downloaded video can then be uploaded to a portable media player (like an iPod or iPhone, or even a laptop computer) where it then becomes very portable and easy to show anyone, anywhere.

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Beyond this convenience, I have been reading that Google is losing money hand over fist in its YouTube venture. This makes me worry that perhaps someday these videos may no longer be available. So, I have downloaded dozens of videos as a repository backup measure just in case Google decides one day to pull the plug on YouTube .

I am told there are several other products out there like Tooble but it remains my favorite. The video quality is not stellar, but it is good enough.

Check it out!

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