Kruspe 1930 Catalog Illustrations


I love old horns. One of those magical names among horn makers of the past is that of Kruspe. A leading horn maker in the early 20th century (and still in business today), they were the original maker of the double horn, filing for the patent on October 5, 1897.

They made many different models of horn. Kendall Betts posted a link on the Yahoo horn list to a Japanese site with illustrations from the 1930 Kruspe catalog. The index is here.

The horns are divided between four pages on the site. As the navigation is in Japanese and there are a couple items slightly different than in the index in the site, this is the breakdown. Enjoy!

Page 1
1. Modell Munchen
2. Modell Leipzig
3. Waldhorn in F (4v)
4. Waldhorn in B (4v)

Page 2
5. Modell Sansone
6. Modell Horner
7. Gumbert-Kruspe
8. Walter Kruspe

Page 3
9. Modell Prof. Wendler
10. Doppelhorn in F-B
11. Modell Stradivarius
12. Modell Milan

Page 4
13. Modell Gretsch
14. Modell Fritz Kruspe
15. Doppelhorn (6v)
16. Spanisches Modell

One other note, all other brass in the catalog are also listed in the site, including their alto (tenor) horn and Wagner tubas, well worth looking over.

UPDATE: As this article is one of the more popular ones on the site, I would also note that at the Horn-U-Copia site there is a link to a PDF of excerpts of the 1931 Kruspe catalog that is also of use in looking at classic Kruspe horns. The photo above is from their site, and photos of this and other Kruspe horns may be found here.

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