Light and Shadow, AFM vs. RMA

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    Another source to investigate on the AFM/RMA conflict.

    Recently I have been trying to comprehend the current heat between the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) and the Recording Musicians Association (RMA):

    A resource that I missed provides yet another perspective.

    Called “The Committee for a More Responsible Local 47” it is an open and anonymous forum moderated by an ad hoc committee of musicians in the Los Angeles area. It has been around since January 2005.

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    A few interesting posts on the AFM/RMA conflict include:

    I have had serious apprehensions about the AFM over the years but hearing that President Lee and the IEB are turning the screw on the RMA gives me hope. The RMA is the most destructive organization to the profession on the landscape, in my opinion, and should not be allowed to control the marketplace.

    – – a response to the Manifesto.

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