YouTube Rules, Others Drool


At the behest of a commenter at my “The Horn on YouTube” post, I set out to investigate horn-related videos at other popular online video web sites. In short, as the title suggests YouTube is by far the greatest online resource -at least so far.

While the video quality may be better on other video web sites, YouTube remains as the sole source for horn-related video.

My informal results are based on the search terms Horn, French horn, brass instrument and music.

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Blogger Jason Heath likes to use this medium and I found a few of his videos of brass and woodwind quintets. Other than this, I found nothing more.

I found one video of cute little Micah blowing his garden hose horn. A really cute idea for a general music class by the way, but besides this one video Vimeo has nada mas for French horn stuff.

I found a few more at this site. John Wright of Fayetteville, South Carolina gives a nice little talk on getting a sound on brass instruments. I found one other video of a guy trying to blow a shofar.

So did I miss something?

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