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YouTube is a wonderful resource for any musician. Users from around the world add videos that otherwise might never be seen. I especially enjoy watching the European and Asian videos for this reason. Here in Phoenix, Arizona I would otherwise never see this kind of stuff.

For horn players, there is a wealth of material to explore. It is literally a treasure trove of horn-related videos. Reading the comments and joining in the discussion below the videos can also be fun and interesting.

Here is a sample collection of videos assembled into a “cornocopia” … sorry about the corny joke, har-har… This a custom player created within my own YouTube account. If if you have your own web site or blog, embedding video from YouTube is pretty easy and it is a great way to post videos.

For more information on each video, see the list below the player, or directly click on the video in question to go to its dedicated YouTube page. Use the MENU button to see all the videos in a scrolling horizontal list.
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  1. An adolescent Ewan McGregor (who plays the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars movies) gives Mozart a try.
  2. A poor quality soundtrack, but the video itself demonstrates the amount of lip vibration and stress (flapping, more like it) involved when playing low notes.
  3. A promotional video of a recent program in tribute to Dennis Brain.
  4. The Dennis Brain film where he gives a brief talk about the horn and the Beethoven Sonata, Op.17 (part 1)
  5. This is Part 2 of the same Dennis Brain video.
  6. This is an audio track of “Caravan” ripped from a terrific CD called “The London Horn Sound.” A picture slide show accompanies the audio. If you do not own this CD, you should.
  7. Eric Ralske of the New York Philharmonic in a lesson.
  8. A video without narration of an apprentice working on a horn at the Meister Robert Engel in the Koppstraße, Vienna plant.
  9. Ifor James (of Phillip Jones Brass fame) relates a humorous story from the Potsdam Horn Convention.
  10. Giovanni Hoffer playing some latin jazz. An amazing artist.
  11. A random horn player playing random stuff in a random setting. This one made me giggle.

These are just random samples assembled in no real order. If you haven’t explored the many horn-related videos on YouTube, I encourage you to take a look. It is free (!) and there is a world of content to explore.

Happy hunting!

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