Quotes of the Week–Three Deep Thoughts

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First up is a quote found in a section of the University of Iowa Horn Studio website. It is a big website–check out the horn resources area, it would be easy to get lost in there for a while.

Jeffrey Agrell has included a section of “Quotations for Thoughtful Hornists,” many of which border on being “deep thoughts.” A favorite of mine is the first of his quotes, which only confirms I am right on track–

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time. -Leonard Bernstein

I have many projects going right now, and time does get tight. Perhaps related to the above quotation, as I sometimes tell students, one of my former teachers Verne Reynolds was quoted as saying–

There are two types of horn players, overemployed horn players and underemployed horn players. Which kind do you want to be?

A final deep thought I noted recently in an article in an article about the Super Bowl. Archie Manning, the father of Colts quarterback Payton Manning, was in the habit of putting quotations on his son’s bulletin board. Manning is quoted as recalling one in particular, from former Steelers coach Chuck Noll.

Pressure is something you feel only when you don’t know what you are doing.

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