Mouthpiece Trial FAQ

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You have been trying mouthpieces lately?

Yes, the post last week is correct, I am trying mouthpieces, and over the years I have tried lots and lots of mouthpieces. I have noticed there are two categories of players, those that won’t even try a new mouthpiece unless they have a couple months off to try it and those that would change to a new mouthpiece tomorrow if they found one better than they are using. I am in the second category.

Huh? Isn’t that risky?

Perhaps, but you have to keep your eyes open as a player and teacher as to what new things come on the market and to changes in your playing over time.

Don’t makers just send you mouthpieces to try?

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Occasionally. Osmun sent several a couple years ago and after that I played a couple Osmun mouthpieces (the B-16 and the H-16). I just got to a point I wanted to try one with a larger inner diameter, and students were having success with the Laskey mouthpieces.

A larger inner diameter…why?

Actually, this is little commented upon in the literature but there is a bit of an aging process in the embouchure, probably more obvious to players with heavier lips such as myself. I don’t want to say my lips are getting fatter, but gradually I realized I felt more comfortable on a mouthpiece with a larger inner diameter. I learned about this from a couple of older players, in fact.

So is the Laskey 80G a big mouthpiece?

Actually, it is not that big, it is smaller than say a C-10 in fact as it is shallower and of a smaller bore.

Isn’t 80 bigger than 10?

The 80 in the Laskey 80G is just a number used by the maker. The 10 in C-10 is however the numbered drill size of a wire gauge drill used to make the hole of the bore of the mouthpiece. The Laskey is 14 bore. The larger the number the smaller the bore. The largest horn mouthpieces on the market are #1 bore and the smallest around #23. Most of my students seem to find mouthpieces with a bore in the range from 12 to 14 to work the best in terms of sound and comfort.

What 12 bore mouthpiece do your students like?

The most popular mouthpiece in the studio now is the Moosewood B-12. This is also a great mouthpiece, made right here in the Phoenix area. The second most popular is the Laskey 75G. This is also a very fine mouthpiece.

Can we expect more of these FAQ items in the future?

If you found this FAQ helpful, let me know, I would be happy to post on other topics.

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