Why You Keep a Mute in the Trunk of Your Car

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Late this afternoon I received a call from the personnel manager of The Phoenix Symphony, that the second horn was ill and would I be available to sub on The Planets tonight? I enjoy playing these large works and due to a schedule change I would be available (I originally had a conflict, which is why I was not playing the series already) and enjoyed playing the work tonight. Bravo to the horns and also to ASU colleague Martin Schuring on the bass oboe–great job.

So what does this have to do with mutes? I have for years kept a mute in the trunk of the car. It is an item that I don’t automatically pack and at gigs you don’t often need. As I drove home from ASU I realized I should have packed a mute, realized that I did not, then realized that I had my “Rittich style” Stone-Lined mute in the trunk of the car. It worked great on the one muted note in the fifth horn part.

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