There were 89 Posts before This One!

There were 89 Posts before This One!

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NOTE: POST UPDATED 8/09. This post was the second post in the second version of the Horn Notes Blog in October of 2006. At that time I wrote,

Looking back as I take the upgrade to “live” tonight, I had 89 posts on the “original” Horn Notes Blog, content that is still saved in nine archive sections. If you have never worked back through the posts, please feel free; there are a number of solid tips and ideas for better horn playing to be found.

Besides the 89 posts in the original blog there was one short post before this one at the Blogger blog, it simply said,

This is the first post on a new, improved version of the Horn Notes Blog. The original version was begun in May of 2004 in MS FrontPage. It is striking how much improved this interface is over the old version!

Let me know if you have suggestions for Horn Notes or for Horn Articles Online, and thank you for visiting.

Not long after I deleted the original HTML blog. It was located at, a page that no longer exists. I believe that it may have been the first horn blog on the Internet. The best of the 89 posts in the original blog were over time re-posted, and the best playing tips stripped out to create this page.

The Blogger version of the Horn Notes Blog was moved to my own URL in May of 2008. This was the third home of the blog, and the Blogger content was all imported into the new WordPress version.

Then, in August of 2009 Bruce Hembd and I had an idea to create something beyond our individual blogs. All the posts and comments of the Horn Notes Blog were moved to the new database and worked over to repair links and clarify content. I look forward to taking things to the next level with